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Our goal was to create a low cost alternative for agencies to market property (and pass on these savings to their customers). We also wanted to provide a platform where they (and other service providers) could connect and collaborate with each other and their clients/ customers. With traditional property portals, once a buyer or renter is found the process ends with the listing being removed. From that point on, the customer communicates partly through the agent, and individually with each of the service providers involved in the purchase or rental process (via face-to-face, telephone, email or regular mail). There are many articles and reports (online and elsewhere) suggesting customers are not happy with the current process of buying and selling property (once they enter into the transaction phase). Most blame poor communication (i.e. calls not being returned, long delays in responses and not knowing where the process was at) as the main causes of stress. We want to help address this.

When a property is first listed on Linktosale a Property Workspace is automatically created.  This provides a hidden private collaboration area to bring together all parties involved in a customer’s sale or rental process. These workspaces are all about improving efficiency for the customer through better communication and transparency. This is achieved by keeping all parties up-to-date in real time, with instant notifications on progress, issues, delays, the ability to upload and share all types of files instantly, and by being able to ask and answer questions with the aim of resolving issues where possible. 

Raising standards
As part of our verified members service, we hope to collaborate with regulatory bodies across the property industry to help raise standards and protect consumers from sub-standard service providers and rogue traders. To support this there is an integrated two-way feedback and review system. This can help to improve processes and service delivery by identifying providers who do not meet the required standard. 

There is a view, that "agents of the future will form collaborative groups with others in their network that are committed to customer-centric delivery". We believe Linktosale provides the perfect platform for agents and other service providers to achieve this – not just in the future, but today!

What is Linktosale?

Linktosale is a new concept that combines a Traditional Property Portal with Social Networking Technology, an Online Marketplace for Property Related Service Providers, and a Ratings and Review System (to help build trust amongst users). This powerful combination provides a fully interactive, one-stop-shop for all things property. Traditional agencies can now compete with 'hybrid' and 'online only' agencies without having to invest in their own technologies.

Your agency might be local but your customers are potentially global ... 
Linktosale helps you reach these 'global' markets by providing all the tools you need to promote services, market properties, and connect and engage with customers and other service providers 24/7 - wherever they are, from any internet enabled device.

Who Is Linktosale For?

Estate & Letting Agents

Traditional full service agents can have the best of both worlds. By combining your local knowledge and expertise with our powerful online platform, you can provide that personal touch and service 24/7 to local and international clients, and drive down costs for yourselves and your customers. It's a winning combination!


Trades often have to work together on projects, so collaboration is key. Linktosale provides private workspaces for project teams to come together to manage calendars, schedules, tasks and other processes, and provide instant updates on progress, issues etc. As part of the wider platform you can promote your business, generate new leads, and interact with potential new customers in the same space.

Letting Managers

Social platforms have overtaken traditional communication methods as one of the best ways to connect and engage for business or pleasure. Linktosale (and in particular the property workspaces) provide a perfect solution for managing maintenance tasks and communications with tenants and service providers. The translator tool helps all parties communicate where there are language barriers.

Other Service Providers

All Linktosale website visitors and members are potential customers for your business whether seeking an agent, solicitor, or other service. Unlike traditional portals, you can interact on multiple levels with potential new customers and make use of the available tools to help you build trust, nurture relationships and more. Social integrations make it easy to promote and showcase your business across social media channels.

Buyers, Sellers, Renters

Finding property and engaging with the agent has never been easier. Linktosale brings the traditional portal to life, covering everything from renting a room through to home/business ownership. It connects everyone involved in those processes 24/7 from anywhere! That’s not all, the marketplace provides access to every service you might need from a carpenter or gardener, through to property developer.

Sourcers and Investors

The property workspaces are ideal for syndicates, providing a private space to communicate and collaborate on shared investments. You can connect with property managers and be kept up-to-date on your tenants' issues and anything else. Linktosale provides greater opportunity for you to grow your portfolio because you can connect directly, 24/7 with multiple agents and be notified as soon as new opportunities come on the market.

The main components that make up Linktosale

Property Portal

Like any other property portal, Agents can upload all types of property for Sale, Rent or Share, add images and embed video. Users can search and filter properties using basic and advanced search modes, pre-book home openings, provide instant feedback to the agents/owners, and even post questions about the property. Finding property has never been easier! Linktosale’s strength (and difference) is that it is 100% interactive. It is all about relationship building, and provides the tools needed to connect with customers, agents (and other service providers) and even collaborate throughout the sale or rental process up to completion, within the private hidden workspaces.


Service providers can promote their business in the Marketplace. This isn’t your regular static listing page, it is fully interactive and comes packed with tools to engage with potential customers in real time. Site members will be able to search for businesses using basic and advanced search modes, and read ratings and reviews before they make contact. They will also be able to review interactions with other members in the forums and elsewhere - providing a more rounded view of the company they are about to transact with. Every member (including free subscribers) can post wanted ads in the marketplace. A seller might be looking for an agent, a new home owner needs a painter and decorator, a landlord seeks a new maintenance provider and so on. For the service provider this is a great way to generate new leads: you can create multiple email alerts, that notify you instantly when an ad is placed in a category for a service you provide. You can respond directly to the ad poster. Members can enhance their marketplace profile with video and images. They can also use Linktosale tools to promote content across their own social media accounts, automatically promoting their business on Facebook, Twitter and their own website: an effortless and no cost way of raising your profile that provides maximum exposure for your business!

Event Management

At Linktosale you can browse and book to attend events and also upload your own. Everything from Home Opens, through to trade shows and seminars. Every event comes with its own discussion area, so once you have registered your attendance you can talk to other attendees, add images, videos and other files, and access you event e-tickets. We want Linktosale Events to be the place to go for all events relating to property.

Project Management

Agents, Representatives, Property Managers, Landlords, Developers, Tradesmen etc. can create their very own property workspaces to manage projects, teams and events relating to property. Property Managers can create workspaces for each property and use these to communicate with tenants, maintenance workers etc. in one place. They can attach events, upload all types of files including images and videos, and communicate live with one or more members in a language of their choice. Workspaces allow members to create tasks and milestones, and allocate them to others in the group. So for example, if you have a team of tradies working on the same project, its a great way of keeping everyone up-to-date on progress. The workspaces are an excellent example of how social networking technology can assist businesses to work more efficiently and effectively!

Live Communication

Chat to Agents, Service Providers and other members in real time using the live chat and live video chat tools. You can also use the group chat and even create temporary group chat rooms so you can talk with multiple members at once. On PCs and Tablets you can use the page translator to turn all conversations into the language of your choice. Both parties need to select their own flag from the Language Switcher and this will translate all posts in a discussion into your chosen language. This is a priceless tool for Agents, Property Managers, Landlords, and Service Providers if you need to deal with people who speak a different language.

Online Community

Social media/networking has proven to be THE most powerful method for generating leads and building relationships with existing and potential new clients. It enhances (and even replaces in some cases) traditional marketing methods. Social media/ networks are so successful because they are built around virtual communities and shared interests, which mimic real life. Plus, they appeal to people from all demographics and age groups. Current property portals are static, and other than email, there is no further scope to interact other than face-to-face, which is not so convenient in our 24/7 global marketplace. Collaborate is Linktosale’s very own ‘property social network’ designed primarily for agents, representatives, property managers and service providers, but also for regular site visitors searching for their next property/ agent/ service provider, or even advice and support on property related matters. Collaborate is packed with tools to help you communicate and share all types of files, post status updates, manage events, meetings and even projects. Members can upload video, images and lots more. The workspaces provide a private space for communicating and working in groups. Every property uploaded to Linktosale is automatically assigned its own workspace (managed by the Representative). The free mobile app provides quick access to these workspaces, to updates and other content.

Property Forums

As a registered member (paid or free) you can access the Linktosale forums. This sits at the heart of Linktosale. We want you to feel comfortable posting your property related questions and also reply to other member posts if you think you can help. In addition to the forums you can join in more specialised discussion groups including any workspaces you have joined. You can also view member video uploads, some of which contain guidance and advice.

Property News

We are all about community, collaboration, sharing ideas, best practice, thoughts and so on. There are already plenty of news sites out there who deliver the main industry news who are experts in their field and qualified journalists. Linktosale is about member news, views, opinions and so on. We actively encourage members to submit their own news articles: maybe you are launching a new product or service? Maybe you have had a great year and just want to put it out there? Maybe you just have something interesting to say about your town, the property market, statistics on sales/lettings in your area or something else? Whatever your news, we want to hear it. Readers will then be able to comment on your news items - this is invaluable - particularly if you want to gain instant insights and feedback related to your topic! Every news item posted is also shared across our own social media channels - plus your own. So its a great way to gain extra exposure for your business.

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