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Farming And Personal Branding


You may well work for a known real estate brand but that does not guarantee you custom. Certainly, a brand helps with top of mind awareness within your local community, but it does not sell property, you do.That is why it is important that you invest in your personal brand, raising your profile and building an expectation of you and your services within your farming area.The brand campaign you build, is not unlike the process politicians go through to win votes for an election. In an election campaign, no public profile will equate to low votes and not having a message that resonates with the voters will result in the same outcome, which in our industry, means your competitor wins the listings.Price of the property and for your services, will always be part of a vendor's consideration but the final choice of who the vendor chose's as their agent, is largely, a personal choice based on human behavioural traits. I have simplified the decision-making process I believe vendors go through being; know, like, trust.
Know: People get to know you through your personal brand marketing with the RealWay brand.Like: People form an opinion of you through your community Involvement and your daily networking in your Regal.Trust: Is how people perceive you from your conduct, ethics and success.
A good on-going personal branding campaign will help position you, into the first two categories of know & like. The trust of the vendor is something you must win at the time of the listing interview.
Good Characterises of a Personal Branding Campaign;

• Be consistent in your marketing and your message. This helps build familiarity with your audience which in turn builds trust. • Make sure your brand value proposition and message align with the needs of your customers. Don't forsake their needs for your own.• Be authentic in your message and your service. Otherwise the customer and or your competition, will find you out.• Use all the marketing channels. Do not make the mistake of concentrating all your efforts into just a few, as this will reduce your audience reach.• Give your audience information that is relevant to them and their area. You can never go wrong with property statistics (house values, recent sales etc).• Do your due diligence. Know your market and your competition.• Practice empathy. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and understand their point of view.• Have resilience. You will at times question your beliefs and your message in tough times. Maintain the belief in yourself and press on. Winners are persistent.Greg Watson CEO/Director RealWay Australia (0407 122 398) 

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