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Attract potential new clients on a different kind of property platform



Linktosale is a new platform that provides a totally different experience for both agents/service providers and consumers. Based on the 'Attraction Marketing Model' it focuses on 'attracting' potential new clients to the individual within a company (and not just the brand, products or services). Our belief is that once a consumer makes that connection with you (and your personal brand) the connection with the company brand quickly follows. We believe that building and nurturing relationships and gaining the trust of consumers (as an individual in your company) is crucial - because people buy from people - particularly when it comes to anything property related.

A prime example of the attraction model is Youtube. It doesn't push out marketing message to attract consumers. People seek it out because of its content - millions of videos on just about any topic, that caters for all types of user, individual preferences, presenting styles etc. If a user is drawn to a particular publisher, they subscribe. As consumers become emotionally connected to the publisher, a captive audience emerges and relationships (and potentially new business opportunities) can flourish.


Like Youtube, Linktosale is set up to 'attract' consumers by offering a broad range of content and functionality. At its core are the property listings (both commercial and residential) for sale, rent or share. Consumers will also be able to search for rated agents and service providers (including tradesmen) and post requests for services they want (inviting providers to submit their offers and services). 

Many 'find a service' websites do not allow direct contact; they also restrict the number of responses sent on to the consumer. Linktosale does not operate this way. Firstly, consumers can search for, compare and research providers themselves, there is no intervention or restriction on the number of responses they can receive – once the consumer has received enough responses and/or chosen a provider they can close the listing. The ability to connect live with providers (that are online) is very powerful (particularly inside a property portal) and when the consumer speaks a different language, being able to hold discussions (regardless of their language) is priceless.


Linktosale is perfect for showcasing agent/service provider content in a structured way, so whether you chose to write articles, upload videos, podcasts, events and other material direct to Linktosale, or embed from your own website or 3rd party platforms like Youtube – the content is displayed in a user friendly way that is categorised and easy to search (many social platforms do not present content in this way). Linktosale also allows content to be tagged (including hashtags).

Providing interesting content is crucial: it will draw consumers to you (and ultimately your brand) and create stickiness to the site that keeps them coming back: where most portals and marketplaces focus on selling and listings, we also focus on attracting consumers to you so you can build relationships with them.

How to create your attraction model in Linktosale


Once populated with enough properties and members (this is down to you the agent) we believe Linktosale will attract consumers because it makes life easier for them. They register once, and from that point on they can connect with agents and all other types of service providers (in relation to their property) in one convenient space. 

Take the typical journey of a buyer/seller. In the beginning they require an agent, a solicitor and many other professionals to complete the process. To find trusted providers they may seek advice from an agent, family or friends. Most now do their own research by checking traditional media and visiting a multitude of websites (including review sites) online. This can be very time consuming, plus the information is all over the place (in their head, scribbled on notepads, in emails, on the service provider or review website etc.).

Linktosale brings everything together in one space, and should they need to draw on this information in the future, the details including messages, live chat discussions, files and so on remain in their profile area. Additionally, we want to encourage an environment of support and learning, so encourage agents and service providers to share expertise and knowledge by answering consumer questions in the forums, adding helpful videos, podcasts and other content.


The built in ratings and reviews is structured to protect both the provider and the consumer. Take agency reviews as an example. There are many reports in the news where companies receive bad reviews from customers but have no way of challenging the validity of these because of anonymity, data protection etc. Where Linktosale differs, is firstly it is the individual (the agency representative dealing with the process) who gets reviewed. This is important because if most bad reviews are coming from a specific branch or individual, it doesn't drag down the reputation of the company as a whole (or other branches in a chain) who have worked hard to gain a good reputation. Plus it helps the organisation to identify where problems lie with a view to correcting them.

Secondly, when a property is listed on Linktosale, a property workspace is automatically created. This is a private hidden space where all parties (including solicitors etc.) involved in the sale or rental process can communicate about the property. If a seller has enlisted an agent to sell their property, they can collaborate through their workspace: this has multiple benefits, not only is it a great way for keeping everyone up-to-date on progress, it acts as an audit trail that protects both sides. So for agents it provides assurance that the reviews can only come from actual customers, and should they need to challenge a review at any time they have more scope to do this. This also helps address some of the problems associated with fake reviews generally.

Most agencies also deal in lettings and property management. Linktosale can help here to. Property workspaces can be used to communicate with tenants and maintenance teams. Plus, if you have multiple nationalities occupying a property, you can easily communicate with them in a single language via live individual and group chat.

In addition, you can search for and build connections with contacts including other service providers and tradesmen and categorise them i.e. maintenance, suppliers or whatever, and when your regular tradesmen are not available, you can quickly find replacements via the marketplace. Tools such as your calendar and the workspace tasks and milestone manager help you work more efficiently together.

Linktosale has its own built in events management system. Members can create all types events (including paid ticket events) for seminars, workshops, networking and so on. Agents can also create Home Open events and use the free events app to manage attendees by scanning/checking them in on arrival. The attendees can submit feedback, ask questions in the special event discussion areas and more.


A major goal for us is to help raise the standards of all providers across the industry by having verified accredited/certified members. This doesn't mean we want to exclude members who are not yet registered with a regulating body, firstly because some sectors don't require them, but also because some businesses are just starting out and need a chance to grow. By being part of a platform where certified members get more customers (they will also have the verified check against their profile for easy identification) we hope it encourages those new to business to get themselves accredited, as they will quickly realise that not being certified is losing them customers.


Linktosale adopts the Australian and US property marketing listing style because it embodies the Attraction Marketing (or in this case the Attraction Agent) approach and is a good fit for what we are trying to achieve. Like traditional (AU and US) portals, property listings display a photo of the agent and contact details (in the UK it is typically the agency logo). Where Linktosale differs is the communication begins and can continue within the platform. We believe that being able to contact the individual responsible for the property is a better approach than for example, having a single contact point (or a call centre) both of which are impersonal. Plus, the more 'brand ambassadors' you have out there 'attracting' new customers the better it is for an agency. If your agency prefers to have a single contact, you can still continue marketing in this way with us.


Portal listing fees can be considerable. Linktosale does not charge to list (except for premium listing within the portal areas). However, because of the way Linktosale is structured, there are more ways to promote a property - as mentioned earlier, articles, videos, images - plus auto sharing content across your social channels all help provide exposure. Membership costs just $60 a month for agents (UK this is £30) and $30 a month for service providers (UK this is £15). This fee provides access to all the tools. As part of their membership agents can list unlimited commercial and residential property for sale, rent or share at no extra cost. Additionally, as we are trying to establish ourselves, membership is FREE for at least the first 6 months.

If you are interested in helping us to help you drive down costs, all you need to do is sign up (agents list their properties) and add your content. Once the content is there (particularly the property listings) and service providers (solicitors, traders etc.) have added their business to the marketplace the consumers will follow. Once that happens, you are helping to bring about change that many agents and businesses say they need. 

If you are UK based, and would like to register/ pre-populate before launch please get in touch below:

If you would like to help populate Linktosale Australia (beta) please click on the link below:

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