8 Moving Out Tips When You Have Too Much Stuff and Too Little Space

moveHome How can you have a stress-free moving out if you have too many things and too little space?

Moving into your new home feels exciting. But picking which stuff to pack up or throw away is the hardest part. It isn't easy to pack up decades of accumulated belongings. How can you have a stress-free moving out if you have too many things and too little space?

1.Plan Your Move in Advance

One of the most common mistakes people make when moving out is not planning. Ideally, you should be preparing your move about eight weeks out. This time frame gives you enough time to go through your stuff. Use this as a time to decide what items should be sold, donated, or thrown out. Do this if you can't bring most things into your new home, and you want to get the most out of everything that you own.

2.Cutting Attachments Without Guilt

For some people, parting ways with their old clothes, toys and books aren't an option. Your CD collection was long unused, but you don't want to throw it out. Or perhaps you still have that huge sweater or stuffed toy that has some sentimental value from over two decades ago. But you know that you can't bring all the stuff into your new home.

Marie Kondo, the creator of the KonMari method, recommends the right way for you to cut attachments to your things minus the guilt: Pick each item, hold it, and ask yourself if that item still inspires joy. If it took you at least a minute to say "yes," or if you have to go down memory lane to convince yourself, then the answer most likely is "no." If that's the case, then release the item by thanking the thing for its service. Then decide if you want to donate it, sell it, or toss it into the trash.

"Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left with only the amount that fits perfectly in the space you own." - Marie Kondo

3.Decide on the Easy Stuff First

Most expert removalists recommend that you decide on disposing of items beginning with the easiest to the hardest. To do that, you can follow this order:

Clothes and shoes

Books and magazines


Miscellaneous items found in your cabinet and drawers

Personal collections and sentimental mementos (diaries, trophies, gifts, photos)

4.Pile Items in Categories

Beginning with the most accessible stuff to dispose of, gather your items and put them into a big pile. Pick each item one by one and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If you still need to convince yourself, then the answer is "no." If that's the case, then that specific item must go. Moving out is a memorable time because you will get forced to evaluate the purpose of the stuff you collected all these years. Donate your used clothing or throw them away if they're already torn. Don't let nostalgia get in the way.

5.Organize a Garage Sale

Once you had already sorted out everything, it's about time to do a garage sale. And if you have done your homework and have enough time, you can put these items for sale online. What might look like trash to you might still be valuable to another person. Use eBay or sell your items via Craigslist. Selling things gives you a sense of accomplishment, and even better, you'll have some extra money to buy new stuff!

6.Identify Your Necessities

There might be some random items that aren't there to "spark joy" but were nevertheless necessary for you. Things like your old medical records and stocks of toiletries are some examples. Pack these items into your moving out boxes and label them appropriately. Organize your boxes per category.

7.Protect your Letters and Personal Information

You might get tempted to throw out your old credit card statements or business letters. Take note to shred these items one by one before throwing them to the trash. Don't endanger your identity by mistakenly letting your personal information out in the open.

8.Respect your New Space and your Belongings

Use the right folding method whenever packing. Stack your folded clothes upright so you can see every item at a single glance. Fold and sort your items right, and you will have everything fitted, even in a small space.

Moving out isn't easy. Do these properly, and you'll whittle down your stuff fast. What's good about this is you'll have fewer items to pack up and unpack later. By having everything in order, you'll get less stressed at this crucial time. And since you aren't lugging in too much clutter, you'll feel like you got a new lease on life as soon as you move out. 

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