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Selling property in Australia is becoming increasingly expensive – not just for sellers but for agents too. One of the reasons for this is the rising cost of property portal listing fees. Most agents use at least one of the major portals with many using two or more: the associated costs are crippling many of the smaller agencies, making it difficult for some to stay in business. 

Over the years there have been many attempts to break the monopoly held by the portal 'Goliaths'. There is no doubt that agents want viable alternatives, but unless a competitor can compete with the same level of listings and site visitors, the Goliaths will remain in control. Any agent serious about wanting change needs to support new ventures. They can do this by listing their properties on new portals and by proactively promoting them to existing and future clients and service providers: contrary to what many think, consumers are not loyal to portals, they just go where the properties are.

Our aim is to provide real estate agents with a sustainable alternative to current portal providers that drives down costs (for agents and sellers) and improves how the industry services its clients. We also want to become the largest fully interactive online community and industry-wide service provider directory for consumers (if you are a service provider then this article explains the benefits for you).


  • Significantly reduce the cost of marketing on a portal and provide a guaranteed no price increase
  • Empower agents by working with them to build a platform that works best for them and their clients
  • Provide a space where agents have a voice/can unite to tackle issues and concerns industry-wide
  • Help improve the customer experience with a one-time sign up for all property related services
  • Provide assurance to all members through a rating and review system and verified members
  • Provide a space where consumers have a voice within the industry via surveys, polls and forums
  • Empower consumers by involving them in shaping the platform so it better meets their needs


An agent's relationship with a traditional portal is pretty straight forward as follows:

  • Create an agency account
  • Set up portal feeds via chosen application/CRM system
  • Wait for email messages from potential leads

On Linktosale in addition to the above, you become part of a property industry online directory and a fully interactive social network that's all about building and nurturing relationships with current/ future clients and other service providers. Nothing can replace face-to-face but when you are time poor, being able to interact in a multitude of ways (live chat, video chat, inbox, workspaces, forums etc.) on a single platform is not just time-saving for all parties but opens up lots of fresh business opportunities. 


For agents who take advantage of the free 6 month trial THE SHORT TERM BENEFITS ARE:

  • no cost to them or clients
  • unlimited listings
  • free marketing and social media publishing
  • free communication tools
  • workspaces keeping everyone up-to-date on sales transaction progress
  • open house promotion and management tools

Other benefits are:

  • Agents have a profile in the Marketplace allowing them to be found by potential clients
  • Agents can create email alerts to generate leads when potential clients post service requests
  • Other staff within your agency have a profile becoming brand ambassadors for your agency
  • All agents/staff are listed in the Marketplace directory which includes ratings & reviews (for agents your reviews are displayed on all your property listings)
  • It provides a level playing field: you don't need a big budget to compete i.e. paying for costly premium listings and add-ons to promote property/your business. Free content tools such as video, podcasts, article posting, forum contribution, Instagram and other social feeds etc. can all be used to showcase your company/property: creative content is a much bigger attraction these days.
  • Open house dates (from an agent's portal feed) automatically creates a open house event in Linktosale
  • Free events app: agents can use this to check in attendees at home opens
  • Free collaboration app: access the online community on the go and receive notifications, messages and other direct to your mobile
  • Every property listed has a private property workspace where the agent, client and any service providers involved in the transaction process can communicate – this provides the transparency clients want by keeping them up-to-date regarding progress


Our goal is to add value for consumers by providing reassurance and convenience as follows:

  • One time registration to contact multiple agents (and other service providers) at once with a single message
  • Ability to interact live with agents/service providers within a social network environment, in own language
  • Ability to post service requests in marketplace with no restrictions on locations or on which providers can respond (common practice on many websites)  - it is fully transparent
  • Ability to post questions in forums about any property related topic
  • Ability to search/filter agents/service providers based on ratings and other criteria important to them
  • It's not just a portal: consumers will be able to find property related services including tradesmen in one space
  • No need to register on multiple 3rd party websites to post separate agent/service provider/tradesmen reviews


    If agents really want to change the industry in terms of reducing marketing costs and improving customer service, then they need to be proactive in making this happen. Linktosale is fully interactive and encourages agents to become actively involved in growing their network, communities and relationships (as they would on other social media channels). However, unlike those other channels they benefit from less social clutter because Linktosale is solely for property. Here are some suggestions:

    • ​Promote Linktosale across the industry: the quicker we grow the sooner agents and clients can reduce costs
    • Contact past clients: ask them to post an agent review on Linktosale (good reviews make agents stand out)
    • Encourage new clients and service providers (including tradesmen) to join Linktosale

    Interested in joining as either an individual agent or a branch? 

    Take advantage of our special offer of 6 months free subscription and free profile setup for your branch and ALL staff - we also set up your portal feed (you just need to authorise it). 
    (normal monthly subscription is $60 excl' GST for single agent or $199 excl' GST for entire branch)

    Finally, it's FREE marketing and nothing for you to do - what have you got to lose?

    Register your interest by emailing your details below:

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