Sydney’s infrastructure changes mapped from above

Sydney’s infrastructure changes mapped from above

It’s been nearly 60 years since Sydney’s transport infrastructure last experienced a major upgrade and yet, since then, the population has more than doubled, recently surpassing the five-million milestone.

Developments like Sydney Metro Northwest, Sydney Light Rail and WestConnex have been put in place to future-proof Sydney, preparing it for the predicted population boom and working towards creating an interconnected metropolis for many generations to come.

While these projects are critical to the future of Sydney, they’ve been at the forefront of much public debate.

Mark McCrindle, futurist, demographer and social commentator, believes that while local communities may be inconvenienced during the development phases taking place across Sydney right now, it’s important to look at how essential these developments will be for future generations.

“There’s no doubt that Sydney is rapidly expanding. In fact, an estimated 1.2 million homes will need to be built in order to sustain this level of growth,” he says.

“It’s important that Sydney, as a community, thinks long-term about how these major infrastructure projects are needed to create an interconnected and sustainable city to support generations to come,” he adds.

“Continued effective planning and communication from local councils, with the community held as the first priority, will also be critical to successfully managing the construction phases of these infrastructure projects.”

Technology company Nearmap, which regularly captures high-resolution aerial images of urban areas around Australia, is making it easier for governments to monitor these long-term projects.

These latest images reveal just how far these particular major projects have come over the last few years.

Light Rail, Anzac Parade

May 2015 vs September 2016


The Sydney Light Rail extension has progressed down George Street and onto the Anzac Parade, where six lanes of traffic are currently being diverted to allow for the construction of a tunnel for the tram line.

Construction will begin shortly on connecting the two developments through Surry Hills.

The project is set for completion by mid-October.

WestConnex M5 Development, Beverly Hills

May 2015 vs September 2016


Stage 1 (of 3) of the WestConnex project is now underway with the M5 currently being widened and the King George’s intersection nearing completion. This stage is set for completion in 2019 with the full project stretching until 2023.

Sydney Metro Northwest Trains Facility, Rouse Hill

May 2015 vs September 2016


Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project, Sydney Metro, has commenced construction of the stations, which will make up its Northwest line. While many of these stations are starting to take shape, the final project will only open to the public in 2019.

“Governments and businesses use aerial imagery to track progress of significant projects like the ones happening all over Sydney right now,” Nearmap senior vice president and general manager John Biviano says.

“The high quality, birds’-eye perspective can provide insights you might not be able to see from the ground.

“Effective planning and execution of Sydney’s transport infrastructure developments will be essential in managing its rapidly growing population.”


Source: Gifs from Nearmap

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