WA to get faster building approvals

Changes to Western Australian planning laws from October 19 will speed up building approvals, according to the Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA).

David Airey, president of REIWA, is full of praise for incoming changes with a prediction approval times could be cut by up to two months for planning-compliant homes.

REIWA says one frustration for new homebuilders has been the requirement for both a planning approval and a building permit for single dwellings on land already zoned for houses, and designed within the building code.

“It has never been very practical to get two approvals for the one house and this has added a lot of time to the process.

“Thankfully, the Minister has overseen a commonsense change that now means a planning-compliant single house will no longer require approval.”

Airey says it’s a realistic measure with benefits encompassing homeowners looking to renovate or extend as well.

“It also means that simple things like installing a planning-compliant patio, carport or granny flat should save up to 60 days in administration time, because the government has removed the need for a development application to be submitted to the local government.”

Airey says by making this a state-wide change, WA has overcome possible inconsistencies across multiple local authorities as well.

“And it’s [also] great to see that the template for local planning schemes is now being presented in more everyday language, without the confusing legal lingo that can confuse many people.”

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